My Solo Exhibition: «Color • Light • Line»

Tran Thao Hien

 Color • Light • Line

 16.09 – 19.09.2021

  I want to call your attention to the personal exhibition of work of Tran Thao Hien, in which the peculiarity of the fusion of the culture of space with the culture of time is revealed.

 The East and the West, the painting of ideas and the painting of sight – these are the foundation of the work of Tran Thao Hien. She was born in Hanoi but has lived for many years in Moscow —from which travels to Vietnam, to the East, to her homeland. 

15 years of her creative journey – education, travel, repeated participation in art projects, competitions, and charity events in Russia and abroad – are reflected in works which can now be called essentially international.

“The gift of Tran Thao Hien is organic, original, poetic, and primordial. Her creativity is her spiritual world, the opening up of her own “I.” This is her own worldview, this is her personal experience, the only one that concerns her. Her world is speculative; it is the product not so much of contemplation as of thinking. And if it is presented as a spectacle, then it is as a spectacle of speculative fantasy. Despite the simplicity and ease of execution, the naive view, her works have magic, fascinate.” Grigory Klimovitsky, art critic

 The exhibition will present paintings and graphic works from various periods of her creative activity. 

Promgrafika Gallery and EXPO-88

 Address: Promgrafika Gallery, Glinishchevskiy lane 5/7, entry 6 (Metro Pushkinskaya, Chekhovskaya)

 Open 14:00-19:00


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