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About Hien

About Hien

Hien — Born in 1974 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Graduated from The Russian State Geological and Mining Engineering Institute, Economics Department in 1996. Has participated in exhibitions since 2009. Has been a member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists since 2014. Lives mostly in Moscow, Russia and sometimes spends time in Hochiminh city, Vietnam.

• Since 2007 study in E. Afanasyeva's workshop
• 2009 The 1st Moscow International Plein-Air of Graphic Artist., the Diploma of the International Academy of Culture and Art "For Proffesionalism and Contribution to Art", Museon, Moscow, Russia.                                                                                                 Medal of Honor " For the Sake of Life on the Earth", Charity Movement "The Good People of the World"
• 2010 Anniversary exhibition of "Sintel Radonitsa", Creative Amalagamation, the Moscow State Museum of Folk Graphic Art.           The Russian Week of Art, Moscow House of Artist, Kuznetsky Most, 11, Moscow, Russia
• 2012, 2013 "Identification" International Project, Museum of Contemporary Fine Art in Dmitrovskaya, Rostov-On-Don, the Moscow State Museum of Folk Graphic Art, Russia
 2014 "Inomeria" International Project, "Dresden" Galery, Moscow, Russia. Exhibition of  Oleg Goremykin's studio, Slavic Writing and Culture Fund, “Ardena” gallery,Moscow, Russia                                                                                         • 2015 Personal exhibition "Color of Inspiration", The Central House of Artist in Moscow, Russia                                                      Group exhibitions “Realism and Naïve – the meeting road” in the International Design Center ART PLAY in Moscow,                    Group Exhibition “Journey from Vietnam to Russia” in the Central House of Artist in Moscow                                                         • 2016 Received third prize in the International Portrait Festival at the Central House of Artist in Moscow                                  Group’s exhibition “Moscow – a Crossroad” in Galery Na Novinski                                                                                            Diplom for Genre plot of painting in the exhibition “ Moscow Season” (21/04 – 10/05) at Central House of Artists.              International Fine Art Exhibition "CONTEMPORARY DIALOGUE" Oct 2016, Crown Plaza in Hanoi, Vietnam

Works are held in the Museon collections, in private collections in America, France, Marroco, Korea, Russia, Vietnam...


Artist's Statement:

For me, art is an escape from one reality into another. It makes me feel an emotion akin to freedom. When I start, I’m excited to mix colors, and I try to challenge myself with creating unique patterns. My colors make the impossible possible. For this reason, my paintings differ both in style and mood. The most important element for me is composition, uniting all the components — the application of color, the canvas, the subject matter, the arrangement, and the medium.

My works are very diverse, ranging from realistic to abstract. Although the influence of European Masters can sometimes be detected, I am for the most part a Vietnamese artist. This important distinction lies at the heart of my decisions with regards to picture plans or perspectives, my choice of subject matters or use of colors — yellow, green, blue…

At the end of the day, I desire to bring love, happiness and pleasure to the hearts of people.